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worth knowing

Entry Requirements Most tourists can enter the country and stay for three months without a visa. You will need your travel ticket and a passport valid for at least six months after your stay in the country.
Upon entering the country, you will be asked to specify your vacation destination and also possibly your booking confirmation. It is therefore recommended to book the first few days in advance.
A departure tax of TT $ 100 (currently about 17 US $) must be paid at the airport upon leaving the country.

Official Language The official language in Tobago is English.

Currency/Foreign Exchange The national currency is the Trinidad & Tobago dollar (TT $). One US $ is currently equivalent to approximately TT $ 6. U.S. dollars and major credit cards are widely accepted. Other major currencies can easily be exchanged at banks or hotels. Cash can also be withdrawn from ATMs.

Prices/Tips Snacks are available at approximately TT $ 12, main courses cost around TT $ 30-60 and a local beer costs about TT $ 11 in a restaurant.
For tips, you should estimate between 8-10% of the invoice price.

Power The voltage is 110 volts and the mains electricity meets U.S. standards. (U.S. flat plug)

Health Care Vaccinations are not compulsory; however, previous vaccines should be reviewed in case of necessary renewal. When traveling in rural areas, a hepatitis A vaccination is recommended.
The health care is good thanks to a large number of state and private medical practitioners. Foreign healthcare insurance is not accepted. In case of an emergency visit to a doctor, do not forget to demand a receipt for the costs incurred.
Medicines for personal use you should be brought in a sufficient amount. It is highly recommended to use sun creams and insect repellents.

Car Rental/Transport The most commonly used transport are r oute taxis , but they have no fixed timetable. Although there are many routes for fixed prices, you should negotiate the fare before the journey nonetheless.
The public transport system is another option. Information is available on the spot.
On Tobago , there are also several providers of rental cars. The European driving license is recognized. Outside the main towns, there are only few petrol stations.
Important : In Tobago, we drive on the left!

Climate In Tobago it is always summer with an average annual temperature is 28-29 ° C. There is no real rainy season. Occasionally, short, but sometimes heavy, showers may occur. There is more chance of rain between June and December. The water temperature is 26 ° C.

Recreational activities Swimming, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, snorkeling, diving, national park tours, waterfall tours, exotic wildlife and bird watching tours, dining, excursions to Trinidad.

Sports enthusiasts and nature lovers will be in their element: scuba diving, hiking, carnival parties, sunbathing or exploring the amazing natural scenery and the towns - there is so much to do and see... and you should definitely see the highlight of Tobago: the Argyle Waterfalls, cascading down over three levels from a height of 54 metres during the rainy season from June to November.